❤︎ I don't see anything new on the website. Do you still do photography?
Of course, but foto.paulinaszypula.com is now just a portfolio of my past. I'll create an album- magazine from all the shots I have taken. I admire paper, so I would like to keep it editorial. Besides I focus on Landscape / Nature Photography.

❤︎ Do you still take Wedding Photography?
No, I don't. I did it few times for my portfolio, but found out it is not for me, sorry!

❤︎ Do you still take portraits?
Individual portraits no. I focused on writing and different projects, they involve people tough. Much more like journalism photography.

❤︎ I am Influencer, do you still take fashion photography?
Not anymore, sorry. After one bad experience I stoped doing that.

❤︎ Where are you?
I live in Granada city. The world is so fascinating.

❤︎ So what are you doing daily?
I am in relationship with graphic design. I design while I sleep.

❤︎ Do you still travel?
Yes. Nothing will stop me.

❤︎ Do you use social media?

❤︎ Can we meet?
Of course! If you will visit Granada, I can show you the best places in the city. I am a big fan of Granada history, as well as I know few interesting legends...

P.S. Paulina