Where am I?


Dear You,

As you have probably noticed I am not so active on my website for quite some time. 

Since I am not using anymore social media I feel like I need to write a message to the ones who might be interested in where I am or what I do, cause I haven't been very active wherever I was :-)

I took a break from People's Photography in May 2019.

I disconnected my Instagram account to rethink my path and I won't open it, unless it is necessary. On the way of these thoughts I changed my "home" location and have been quite busy since then. Currently I work as full time Graphic Designer, so my time is limited. I truly love my job, so my full energy goes there. For more informations as newest words I invite you to my personal website   www.paulinaszypula.com. This website is just a memorial portfolio of hard work I had a chance to be part of within 2015 - 2019.

For my models:
Thank you girls for being such incredible models. Without you these photos would not exist. You are the muse for Photographers and Viewers. Keep doing it! You are all amazing.

Full gallery, with each model, with all the taken photos between 2015-2019 will be out in a few months. ❤️



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